Meet your instructor

Former US Army Chaplain, LTC Kenneth Lou Koon is the founder of Armed Forces Mission and the Intervene Challenge and author of Listen Learn Lead, which serves as the primary text for the training. Ken has trained more than 27,000 individuals across the US and internationally utilizing his experience in having conducted more than 2,000 successful suicide interventions in both military and civilian communities. For eight years as the Officer in Charge of Suicide Intervention Chaplain Koon led the team that sustained a ZERO suicide rate in a Brigade covering Soldiers in ten states. Because of the success, he was called to a Two Star Command serving Soldiers in 40 states. In 2018 he was inducted into the University of North Georgia Alumni Hall of Fame for his work in suicide intervention. Organizations he has trained include Military Intelligence Command, 80th Training Command, 101st Airborne, Sergeants Major Conference, Army Medical Command, 169th Fighter Wing US AIR FORCE, Homeland Security, Federal Probation Office, and more than 500 law enforcement agencies.  He has been heard internationally as a guest on VOICE AMERICA Radio and is regularly called upon by faith groups, schools, and civic organizations to empower others in the skills that save lives. He is currently the subject of the Safe and Secure Project, a Public Service Announcement developed by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and broadcast in theaters throughout the state. He served on the strategic committee in the development of the State of Georgia Suicide Prevention Plan, and as a consultant of Behavioral Health Link in support of the Georgia Crisis and Access Line. He holds an MDiv in Education and a Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling, and completed his clinical training at Piedmont Hospital. 


What Others Say

“One man fighting this battle, who has the look of a general and the zeal of a preacher.”  Jill Church - The Atlanta Journal

"Through the Intervene Challenge thousands of caring individuals have gained the skills to courageously intervene for those at risk. I invite you to do the same.  Take the Intervene Challenge." Actor Kevin Sorbo

 “In the five years before Lou came to our church in 2016 the suicide rate in our county was 37% higher than the state average. The Sheriff and several deputies attended the training. The response was one of tremendous gratitude. Interestingly the suicide rate in our county since 2017 has dropped well below the state average.  Coincidence perhaps, but I truly believe that it might just be the hand of God.” Jerry Kennedy Pastor Bethel Baptist Church

“Ken Koon is our go to resource in training our Community Care Team and we proudly host the Intervene Challenge for all in our community to gain the skills that save lives.  Churches on mission to have an impact will greatly benefit from this world class training.” John Hobbs, Pastoral Care Crossroads Church

"The Air Force tells us to do something about suicide. Ken Koon's Intervene Challenge shows us how." Brigadier General Akshai Gandhi Chief of Staff SC Air National Guard

"Ken Koon’s Intervene Challenge is the movement and Listen Learn Lead is the model that is raising an army of caregivers to be the bridge of hope for thousands that thought all hope was gone."  Kevin Briggs Author of Guardian of the Golden Gate

"As a result of Chaplain Koon’s L3 Training I had the 101st Airborne to do the same. Those that want to make a difference in reducing suicide would be well served by taking the Intervene Challenge and learning the L3 model." Lt General Hubert Smith (Former Commander 101st Airborne)

"Ken is our go to resource in the training of law enforcement personnel for the suicide portion of CIT training. We always have him come in after lunch because he keeps the attention of the participants like no one else can."  Pat Strode Coordinator Crisis Intervention Team Georgia Public Safety Training Center

"It is not hyperbole when I say L3 and the Intervene Challenge is the most impactful professional learning I have encountered in my 20-year career. I left the training a different person, equipped with the skills to save a life. With each new school year, we have called Ken to train our teachers since 2013." Dr. Michael Duncan School Superintendent

"Ken’s L3 model works and now hundreds of Police Chiefs and thousands of officers have honed the skills that are essential to helping Veterans and all people in crisis." - Police Chief Janet Moon, Past President Georgia Chiefs Assoc.

"Transformational!  I was able to use the tools that I received in Ken’s class to be a resource to a person that I met the next day in a workshop that I was conducting, on a totally different topic. Take the Challenge!" Carl Sharperson, Jr Author Sharp Leadership

"I had the honor of serving with Chaplain Koon in the 4th Brigade. He led the charge in sustaining 8 years of ZERO suicides in a command 10 states wide. L3 and the Intervene Challenge is more than just a training event. It‘s an Inspiration Event that empowers the helper to know that they can make a difference and lives will be saved. Take the Challenge—Save a Life!" Chaplain (Major) Michael Hildreth

"L3 is the best training I have attended in my 30-year career in law enforcement." Michael Reynolds, Assistant Chief of Police, Riverdale, GA

"As a mental health therapist, I must say that I am more effectively equipped to prevent suicide after the L3 Suicide Intervention Training. Because of Chaplain Koon My toolbox is now complete!" Stephanie Headen, LPC

"I do suicide screens all day at work. I’ve been to multiple suicide prevention, intervention, assessment trainings. I have never been so engaged and learned so much in any other training. Thank you for the spiritual context and the personal stories. I felt refreshed and built up today." Jill Locklear LPC

"As a clinician I appreciated how tangible the model is. Ken provides an excellent example for people from all backgrounds to become open to talking about suicide prevention and to feel more empowered to stand with someone going through the darkness of suicidality.' Tara Nichols, APC

"We had 13 states represented! It was a wonderful experience, and our Buddy Team wants us to do it again! Thank you and your team for taking the time to create this the perfect workshop for us! We look forward to working with you again!" Nick and Jan Catinna, PTSD Projects

"As a licensed marriage and family therapist I appreciated the straightforward, realistic, “no psychobabble” approach in this workshop, and the focus on how as a community we can do something NOW to reduce suicides!" Jill Hastings Storer, PhD

"Since 2012 I have had the honor of serving on the Board of Directors of Armed Forces Mission and since 2017 as Chairman. The reason I continue to be involved in AFM is because of the passion, purpose, and vision of our founder, Kenneth Lou Koon. Whether training Chiefs of Police in Executive Conferences, military personnel, or the faith community, Lou commands his audience with his wisdom, wit, and ability to drive home his personal core values in a way that rallies his audience to join the mission. When one witnesses an Army unit voluntarily standing to their feet at the conclusion of his training shouting in one accord, “I WILL INTERVENE” one gains a sense of the impact of his message. He is the “GO TO” Subject Matter Expert in our community and for many others nationwide. If your organization or community takes seriously the need for addressing the epidemic of suicide that now plagues every community, gather your people—Lou Koon will rally their hearts and lives will be saved!" LTC Carl Hall, (USA Ret.) Chairman Armed Forces Mission


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